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Jimmy Eat World

One of my favorite bands Jimmy Eat World released their ninth studio album this month and to celebrate the occasion I thought I would let you know what my favorite Jimmy Eat World albums are.  I know you have been waiting for this information.

  1. Bleed American (2001) – Just a classic album.  Great songs top to bottom and one of my favorites songs all time, “Sweetness.”  This was my first album from the band so it holds extra special meaning for me as well.  Just listen to this album.
  2. Chase This Light (2007) – It has some of their best stuff. Love this album.  You can’t miss songs, “Let It Happen,” “Chase This Light,” or “Firefight.”  As I have been listening to this songs, tracking down links from Youtube, I am reminded how great this album is!
  3. Clarity (1999) – This was definitely a different time in music in general, but this album still holds up.  If you only listen to a couple of the songs check out the live versions of “For Me This Is Heaven” and “Goodbye Sky Harbor.”  And you can’t skip “Lucky Denver Mint” which has played in my car close to a thousand times.
  4. Futures (2004) – Another good album.  Highlights include “Pain” and “Kill.”
  5. Damage (2013) – This is sort of the second tier of albums for me.  “I will steal you back” is a highlight and while the album isn’t bad, it isn’t amazing.
  6. Invented (2010) – A decent album.  It has some memorable moments, but lacks the overall awesomeness I expect from the band.
  7. Static Prevails (1996) – Another album that shows it’s age, but it solid for what it is. “Anderson Mesa” is one of the few tunes that I return to consistently.
  8. Integrity Blues (2016) – This pains me. But this album is still new, maybe it will grow on me.  Right now “Sure and Certain” is the only go-to song I have found.

There you have it. Thanks for taking a minute to read this today.