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Ministry Tip: What We Say – When We Fail To Communicate

What we have here is a failure to communicate…

I never knew where this line came from.  It was the introduction to one of my favorite jams as a teenager, Guns N’ Roses song Civil War.  I came across the actual movie that it comes from, Cool Hand Luke, a was reminded of it.

Do you know what you say when you fail to communicate?  When we fail to connect with our target audience.  The easy answer is to say nothing.  But we actually communicate quite a bit.  We convey that the statement that we have made wasn’t very important.  Whatever it was we wanted to get across: a message, an apology, congratulations, won’t be heard and it won’t be received.  When we fail to communicate with intentionality and clarity we aren’t just missing the mark, we are confusing our messages and muddying the waters for our future opportunities for influence.

Gift Ideas For Folks Who Have Everything… (hint: PENS!)

It is the holiday season and people are thinking about what gifts they can give to people that already have too much of everything.  I like to give gifts that people will actually use and that will help improve their lives in some way.  One of the things that everybody uses, but rarely thinks much of, is their writing instruments – pen and pencils.  I thought that I would offer up some options if you want to improve your friend’s pens and pencils.  Below are my favorite pens at various price points.  You can find most of these pens at Amazon and all of them at JetPens (my preferred pen purchasing location!).

  • TSWBI Eco Fountain Pen $32
    • My favorite and first love in fountain pens
    • Note that this pen requires you have a bottle of fountain pen ink, but having accessories if part of the fun!
  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pen $30
    • Just a super toss in your bag and go fountain pen
    • Tons of colors available for these too
    • It takes both cartridges and bottle ink
  • Retro 51 Tornado $27
    • A fabulous roller ball pen that is as smooth as any pen I have used
    • You can see what I think about mine here
  • Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen $4
    • A perfect Fountain Pen to have so you can share
    • Love them!
  • Uni-ball Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil $6
    • This is a great mechanical pencil because sometimes you need to do math homework and you can’t use a pen on your math homework
  • Pentel Energel Gel Pen $2

Hope this helps and I hope that you consider giving the gift of pens this Christmas!