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I like pens – Platinum Preppy

A few months ago I began listening to Rev. Chad Brooks podcast, Productive Pastor.  He is always going on and on about these pens that he likes to use.  One day, instead of working on what I should have been doing, I googled, “Best Pens.

I found Brad Dowdy’s Pen Addict website.  It is absolutely fantastic.  After trying out a handful of pens, maybe I will talk about those later, I found this – Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen.

Platinum Preppy

It is my fav! I used a Fountain pen in high school, but it was mostly just me fooling around with it trying learn how to sign my name like a doctor.

This pen is an absolute gem!  It is inexpensive (around $3) and feels like I am writing something important even when I am just jotting down my grocery list.  If you spend much of your day writing do yourself a favor and get this pen!  It makes writing more fun.  And isn’t that a good enough of a reason to spend $3?

So, I don’t write much…so let’s fix that.

So, I don’t write much on here.  It is because of a number of reasons.  First I’m terrible at grammar. Notice, I have probably already used too many commas.  Second, I get busy and forget. Notice the lack of post.

But I would like to try and fix this. From here on out for a while my post will be brief reflections on stuff I am learning or doing.  It might be helpful to you.  I probably will not be helpful to you.  But it is helpful for me to write a little.  So, that is helpful to me which in turn means you are helping me…so…Ok. Not much of a pay off for you.  But here goes.

The new plans:

  • I will post something.
  • No big editing. I will post typo’s and errors. Cut me some slack…(I’m talking to you Kirk!)
  • I will do my best to post something.
  • That is all.