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Lessons Learned From Real Racing 3

The last few months, since I got my Nexus 7 tablet (which I highly recommend), I have been playing a racing game in some of my spare time.  I have always loved racing games, because when I crash I can just restart the race, unlike in real life.  But as I have been playing, I have been reminded of a couple of important lessons in leadership and life.

Where You Approach The Curves – Determines Where You Can Come Out Of The Curves

If you haven’t ever played one of these racing games, then you might not have experienced this. But where on the road you come into the curve determines the possible positions you could end up at the end of the curve. Granted, speed and your how you brake matter, if you aren’t coming to the turn at the right spot on the track, you don’t have a chance of completing the turn successfully. You will lose time and track position.

Where you are as you approach a difficult decision or project within your career WILL determine where you end up at the end of it. Go in on the wrong side, that being making an issue about pride, ego, or revenge, and you will always end up in a bad spot when completing the situation.  Go in with the right angle of attack, and you will be in control of where you end up.  Starting well determines if you can end well.

It Is Easier To Build Speed – Than To Slow Down When You Are Out Of Control

This idea always seem counter intuitive to me.  I want to go into the corners flying!  And I always end up losing track position and speed, because I am in the dirt or the wall. I assume, wrongly, that going as fast as I can will get me to where I want to go fastest.  But when I slow down at the beginning of the curve, I allow myself get in the right position of the track for the turn (see point #1) and can then control my car and end up where I want to for the next straightaway.

I often think just getting the ball rolling is enough to get something happening.  Usually I end up having to stop the ball, and then get it facing the right direction and rolling once again. Building speed and momentum isn’t difficult when you are under control and you know what you are doing. People love to support projects and people who have focus and know where they are going.

Thanks EA and Real Racing 3. Now to convince myself that I don’t need to do anymore “research” until I finish my other projects for the day!  I hope you approach the turns well and slow down before you end up out of the race.