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The Quest for Productivity: Part II

It has been a couple of since I began The Quest for Productivity!  Since then, I have tried out two productivity systems. I settled on two systems to test drive and really invest some time in: & Todoist.

You can read great reviews about them here: Review (Appstorm)

Todoist Review (Appstorm)


My requirements were (and still are):

  • Great interface (fun and easy to use)
  • Mobile Apps that aren’t gimped versions of main app
  • Affordable
  • Multi-platform (iOS, Android, Mac, and web)
  • Not build just for teams

I very much like fact that is unapologetic about it’s GTD (Getting Things Done) integration. If it is in the book by David Allen, then you can do it with this app. The interface is VERY similar to Things (by Cultured Code) if you have worked with that on the Mac platform. It looks great and has plenty of features and is reasonably priced (for only $20 you get all the features available). My frustration came in not the app, but in GTD, which it is build on. GTD has about two extra steps that I don’t find as helpful as some people might. I don’t need to have every action be location based and I am not as concerned with the priority of something.  If I put it on my to-do list, then it is a priority.


Todoist has a sub-par name, but is a great system. It can be a simple to-do list or a more full featured system for just about anyone. It has all the usual features of quality offerings and delivers them in a helpful and simple set up.  One of my complaints, is that you don’t have access to make notes for an individual task or item without being a Premium subscriber.  But that is still only $29 for a year which is worth it. And they offer a free month trial after you set up your account.



I have settled on Todoist. It helps me get task out of my head and onto my list. It isn’t too much to deal with when I am in a rush, but it allows me plenty of options to get it in the right place in my life.